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Remeber "Media Button View" for portrait/landscape individually

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Remeber "Media Button View" for portrait/landscape individually


A quick suggestion for improving the already excellent DoggCatcher.

When Using the app in landscape mode with the media Buttons set to anything but "gone" it gets very difficult to scroll, because only 2 rows of Podcasts are visible. I also find myself taping an item unintentionally or dragging down the notification bar.

Proposed solution:
As it says in the title, remember "Media Button View" for portrait/landscape individually.
That way you can set it to gone for landscape and large for portrait.

Advanced solution:
A more thorough rework of the UI in landscape. The Bar at the top could be reduced in height. The logo, title and buttons could fit next to each other (At least on my Milestone/Droid screen)
Also you could add a "mini" mode for the Media buttons. It would by default show a small time slider (non touchable) that could be dragged up or touched to reveal the Media buttons in "small" style.

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Button size

I had originally planned to eliminate the buttons when in landscape when you're on a video feed. This is where the buttons bother me the most.

But I like your idea much better. Your suggestion allows people to do what I was trying to do, and then not do it if they don't want to.

I created an issue for this