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Play Button Behavior

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Play Button Behavior

I have a minor irritation with the behavior of the play button.
I don't use the play list feature. I go through the list of my podcasts and select one I want to listen to now.
When it is finished, I go to the feed list again and look for a feed with an unplayed podcast. I go into the feed, usually I have one unplayed episode on the top. Now I have to press that episode but every so often, I hit the play button instead, thinking: yes, play what I am looking at.
Instead, DoggCatcher starts the podcast episode I just listened to from the beginning.

I really never want to listen to the episode I just heard again from the beginning.
My suggestion would be:

If an episode is paused in the middle: keep play button behavior as it is.
If an episode has finished, let the play button start the first unfinished episode.
If I am in the episode list of a feed, choose the first unfinished episode from that feed.
If I am in the feed list, choose the first unfinished episode in the order of the feeds.

Thanks for a great product and your excellent support


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Play buttons behavior

Items 1/2/4 already happen, with the clarification that the second uses the next item in the playlist.

I think what you are suggesting for the third makes perfect sense, however I think it's going to be very difficult for new users to figure out. That's one of the things I struggle with a lot. There are a lot of feature that I know would be good for advanced users, but will be at the same time be very difficult for new users to figure out. So I'm always trying to strike the balance between the two.

It sounds like some of what you're saying jives with having a playlist for a feed, which is currently on the todo list.