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Swipe Controls

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Swipe Controls

I've been using DoggCatcher for a while now and I love using the swipe feature, but it seems a waste to only be able to swipe back. So I had 2 different suggestions:

1. An option to choose a "favorite" window to access when swiping forward from the home screen. So, when swiping from right-to-left it would take you to the window you selected (Music, Video, News). Then swiping left-to-right would take you back home. This would be ideal for anyone who uses one window much more than the others (listens to podcasts, watches videos, etc). Selecting None in the option would disable swiping forward.

2. Another idea would be to make swiping left or right toggle through the various windows (Home, Music, Video, News) and have the option to exclude any of the window (like News, or Videos) from being accessible through swiping but still easily accessible from the home screen.

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Those are good ideas, I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.