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Password-Protected Feeds

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Password-Protected Feeds

Password-protected podcasts are not at all accessible.

The one podcast I wanted to add to my shiny new android phone is a paid subscription. I need to supply a username and password when downloading the feed and the content. doggcather simply fails:


Description: java.lang.Exception: RSS URL doesn't seem valid: Can't connect to

Watching the network traffic through my wireless router, it's getting a 401 unauthorized. This is the same type of authentication that can be duplicated by setting up a .htaccess on an apache webserver with a 'require valid-user' statement.

At the very least, until authentication is supported, DoggCatcher should be able to understand a 401 as an authentication error, and display a different error message.

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http auth

Thanks for the detailed steps to reproduce the problem. We're aware that authenticated podcasts aren't currently supported. The feature has been on our future feature list for a bit. There have been quite a few users requesting this so it is likely to be added shortly.