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ADDING Album art

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ADDING Album art

Got Maximum PC podcast but there is no album art.
Added a .jpg to appropiate podcastimages directory; copied a .nomedia file from another folder and copied the added jpeg image and added the .nomedia extension to 2nd jpeg. The folder now appears to have the same files as other image art folders.
No image appears, am I doing this wrong or is the folder the wrong place for these files.
All the album art that was automatically added came up... I just have one feed with no art and would like to add it.



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Album art

What could have happened is that the thumbnail got corrupted somehow and since it exists, DC won't try to fetch a new one. The way to force fetching a new one is to delete the DoggCatcher/podcastimages folder. When you update the feeds, they'll all get re-fetched again.

If that doesn't fix it, then there's most likely a problem with that specific image such that a thumb can't be generated...maybe it's too large to be held in memory.

It could also be a problem with the url of the image but I haven't seen that before. Please post the url and I'll take a look.