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TinyURL enclosure redirect: A Mind Forever Wandering podcast

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TinyURL enclosure redirect: A Mind Forever Wandering podcast

The "A Mind Forever Wandering" podcast (old radio content) at uses TinyURL redirection to it's ( enclosures for some reason, resulting in URLs like .

These enclosures are downloaded, but are not recognized as audio (probably due to the lack of a filename extension), even with "Make Filenames Unique" checked. When clicked on, they result in a "This is not supported audio or video" menu filled with a very odd and redundant list of apps that does not include an audio player.

The redirect URLs include much friendlier filenames with the correct .mp3 extension (i.e. Lux_37-01-18_Criminal_Code.mp3).

It seems like there are a several ways to cope with media downloads that do not include a filename extension:

  • HTTP HEAD calls to look for a better filename if the URL is redirected.
  • Use the HTTP MIME type to append an extension if one does not exist.
  • Use the MIME type on the enclosure element.
  • Check the file for magic numbers for the common file types: "ID3" at the start of MP3 files or "OggS" for Ogg, e.g., and add the corresponding filename extension.
  • Add a default filename extension to the feed options.
  • Allow renaming a saved media file from within DC.

Thanks for a great podcatcher, from a recent Google Listen convert!

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I think that covers it

That's a pretty exhaustive list of solutions...I may be emailing you next time I can't figure something out :-)

I'll probably stick with something in the feed itself (solution 3), but I'll check out the others if that doesn't work.

I created an issue for this, and linked to this post -

I think the reason you were prompted with the long list of app is that since there was no extension, you got them all to choose from.