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Feed updates or media downloads failing?

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Feed update failures and download failure usually have different causes but you can use the same approach to do some general diagnosis on either.

You can also see all failures by pressing on 'Event Log' in the navigation drawer (press on hamburger at the top left). This will list all of the successes and failures for feed updates and downloads. Pressing on an event will display the details of the failure.

Alternatively, you can press on the context button for a feed/episode that is failing, and then press on 'Error'.

In the details, there are two parts to pay attention to:

1 - Details - this is the error message and will usually give a good indication of what the problem is
2 - Cause - this is DoggCatcher's guess at what the error was caused by based on past errors.

Common error messages

Illegal character in hostname at index...
The feed or media files are stored on a server with a hostname that is not allowed by the Android networking software.

Task killers
Some users have reported that task killers are killing DC and causing updates/downloads to fail.

Getting help

If you are unable to resolve the issue, please post in the support forum. Please include the RSS URL and a detailed description of what you are experiencing.


Can anybody help me please???
My downloads are not happening; the error log for all my feeds reads as follows

org.apache.harmony.xml.ExpatParser$ParseException: Atline 1,column 54: syntax error.

My downloads go to my SD card, if I uninstall and reinstall will I lose my feeds?

Many thanks,


Looks a problem with the feed, contact the publisher and let them know.

all my feeds are bouncing though, not just BBC which is the bulk admittedly.

If its network connection issue, on the device settings...disable & re-enable the WiFi network connection - if that doesn't work, reboot your router and the device DC is installed on. Try using your mobile network connection to see if you're able to download episodes.

There is an issue with BBC feeds though (See posted thread