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Suggestions for improvement

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Suggestions for improvement

Assuming you're interested! Apologies if any of these have been suggested already but I just joined.

1) Ability to save favorite podcasts, and further storage options
2) Ability to add notes to a podcast e.g. perhaps I want to write a note about something I heard in a podcast to refer back to
3) Bookmarking within a podcast, e.g. perhaps I want to bookmark a podcast at 32.42 mins where there is a product promoted that I'm interested in. I may also want to add a note to my podcast where I embed the bookmark (see 2)
4) Restore playback on a podcast for any podcast, not just the last one played
5) Community forum within the application so people can discuss favorite podcasts
6) Option to only download podcasts when connected to a power supply (my battery keeps running down)

Just a few ideas that may be worth considering!

Thanks for all your efforts so far!


P.S. I will add more as I think of them if you want them. I'm a big fan of the application and use it quite intensely.

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1 - How would you see the favorites working? regarding storage, it is on the list (OTL).
2 - Someone else mentioned this and I thought it was an isolated request. Would this work in a situation where old episodes get rolled of the end?
3 - I think the same person that mentioned the notes also asked for this. I added it the the future features list.
4 - OTL
5 - I could easily add that type of forum on this site and link to it from the application. Is that what you had in mind?
6 - OTL

That's all good stuff, I still like to hear requests that are already OTL because I get an indication of how many people are looking for that feature.

I assume you're in the UK right? I'd be really interested to know how many G1 users are in the UK. I can't get an accurate breakdown from my web site logs, but from the times of day (or my night) that a lot of messages are posted, it seems a lot of users are in your time zone.

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1 - I would like to see

1 - I would like to see several main options before the current "home" screen. First a place containing podcast publishers as they appear currently - "Podcast Publishers", then Favorites/Saved for individual podcast downloads - "Saved Podcasts", and finally New Podcasts containing all new podcasts that are downloaded and ready to play - "New Podcasts".
2 - I would advise that if you add the "note" function, it would automatically put this download (with accompanying note) in the "Favorites/Saved" folder until manually deleted.
3 - Bookmarking would be very useful indeed, and perhaps an option to share the bookmarked podcast within a social network environment. You could really run with this as I haven't seen that option elsewhere.
4 - N/A
5 - Do you mean that the forum would open the phone's default net browser? Rather than being able to have a forum within the app itself? Would the latter be too difficult?
6 - N/A

I am not sure on the numbers of G1 users because I can't find any official figures yet. Any figures that are available are for total handset sales and they are being debated. I would say it's nowhere near as popular as the iPhone because of the lack of marketing. Most people are totally stunned and intrigued by my G1 and I know nobody else who has one. I recently used a social networking app (Buddymob) which indicated there are two other G1 users of that app in my city (Newcastle, England).

I'd be happy to provide any help I can. I love your app and I enjoy this opportunity to provide feedback and improve it further.


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Joined: 12/18/2008 - 09:48
One other thing....

When I have a bunch of podcasts lined up to download and one fails, it seems to trip the entire queue. Can that be fixed? I'd also like a "Download All" option within a podcast publisher if possible.