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Sort speed and Keep Alive Icons

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Sort speed and Keep Alive Icons

Two issues i want to bring up.

When I sort a new podcast just added. It takes a long time to sort. Sending something from the bottom of the list to the top takes many seconds. I would love it if there were a drag and drop interface for this too.

Icons Icons many many icons.
Could the Keep Alive Icon just change to a different status rather than adding more icons? I am getting so many icons that they are all getting mashed together, I try to keep them clear. DC when playing shows two icons, the keep alive and the play button. Some times it may show up to three if there was a notice that a download failed. It would be nice if the keep alive icon could just change and the status be set there rather than have 2 or 3 notification icons from the same app. Is there a way to run the keep alive but hide the icon?

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Draggable sort

Sort - I would love to do this. I took a look at the code used to make this happen in the android music player and it's pretty crazy. I do have it on the list since the current sorting is pretty tedious if you have a large list.

Notifications - there are quite a few posts on the keep-alive notifications, try searching up in the search box at the top right of the site...basically the keep-alive is required to be there. The other notifications can be disabled in the preferences.