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Need "Disk Full" error message

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Need "Disk Full" error message

I just spent a week trying to figure out why DoggCatcher wouldn't download anything. Eventually I thought to check to see if the SD card had any free space and it did not. It would have been a lot easier if DoggCatcher had presented a disk full error message somewhere.

It would be even better if DoggCatcher deleted by done items to make room and kept on working. My "Auto Delete Policy" is set to "As space is needed".

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You're right a both counts

I just recently added the application log (it's in the DC menu) for troubleshooting these types of problems. I think it a good start, but most people don't know to look there. What I need to do is add some visual indicator on the feed that is having the problem that can then jump you to the appropriate entries in the application log. Thanks for posting about this. Troubleshooting feed updates/downloads is the number one problem that people are experiencing and it needs some attention. I should be able make some improvements in one of the next few releases. Here's an issue for this -

Delete policy - the description of this policy is unclear. I updated the docs to clarify it a bit - The only time I can think of when someone would use this is if you wanted to keep media after you listened to it for a period of time in case you wanted to go back and listen again.

Good feedback, thanks for posting.