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Behavior of 'stream'

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Behavior of 'stream'

Streaming an audio podcast does not work the way I expect (e.g. want) it to. Not that this is not wrong or anything, it just doesn't meet my expectations. I expect that when I open a stream the application would still allow me to pause and resume at will by downloading in the background. My experience however is that when launching a podcast with the stream action the podcast starts over from the beginning after pausing even though the progress bar indicates that the podcast has been partially played. I'm not going to say can this be 'fixed' because technically nothing's broken but it would be nice if the behavior was changed or an option was added to change the stream behavior. Maybe (hopefully) I'm missing something. :)

Last seen: 2 years 10 months ago
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Streaming isn't working as well as it could, I plan on making some improvements in one of the next few releases.

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