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Playback not stopping when evicted

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Playback not stopping when evicted

When the UI is evicted the playback stops. That's very annoying, since when I'm driving and using the map for directions on my G1 with little memory it happens a lot that the UI will get evicted. As far as I understand, the service can't get evicted, it's just the UI process that will, right? If that is so, can the playback be started and stopped by the service instead of the application, and not be stopped when the UI is evicted.

Let me know if that is possible or not.

- Urs

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The service and the UI run in the same process so if you're low on memory and DC gets evicted, the service and the UI are gone.

I've considering splitting them into two separate services but there were recommendations against that from android framework engineers because of the overhead of having two separate processes. It would hurt more than it would help.