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DL Failed + no overnight downloads

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DL Failed + no overnight downloads

I'm using HTC Desire and I'm witnessing 2 severe bugs (or should we call them features?;)

1) Every once in a while Doggcatcher starts to refuse to download any episodes. It refreshes the feeds properly but then tells "DL Failed" for every episode. Reboot helps every single time but come on. It's a paid application and should work without rebooting the device every day!

2) It doesn't download ANYTHING by itself. When I initiate the download manually, it starts to download but when it fells asleep, all downloads are stopped. So the only option is to configure the device insomniac. That's not a proper solution either.

So please either stop asking money for this prealpha version or make it at least to the proper beta level.

Last seen: 2 years 10 months ago
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1 - The next time it happens, could take a look at the application log (in the dc menu). If you see something like 'file not found' then it is what has happened on my nexus one a few times. The file system gets in a state where DC can't read/write to it any longer. Then try exiting DC and restarting it. If the problem remains, then it most likely not DC, especially if a reboot fixes it. If this doesn't turn up enough clues, you can send me a log right after it happens (but before a reboot, because reboots clear the log).

2 - DC requests a wake/wifi lock when it wakes up to download and keeps the wake/wifi lock during the download. The log file is going to show us what's happening here but it's going to be tough to get a log at the right moment. One way we might be able to get it is to set your download to 2hrs and then send a log right after you wake the phone up, there will be a chance that what we are looking for will be there.

I would be happy to issue a refund if the app isn't working for you. I think your circumstances are a bit out of the ordinary but I'm sure it is frustrating to be experiencing these problems. So I can try to work through these with you or you can shoot me an email (support at with your full name and I'll get a refund issued.