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can't play ANY twit video podcasts

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can't play ANY twit video podcasts

I have a G1, stock 1.6. Any time I try to play any of the TWIT video podcast, I get the dreaded
Cannot play video
Sorry, this video cannot be played.
I've tried manually entering the rss and I've tried using the new directory of TWIT shows, same results. I've been able to get non-TWIT vidcasts to play fine.

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Same here. Using version

Same here. Using version 1.1.1278 and downloaded TWIT videocast 'This Week In Google' (small version).
It is a mp4 file and android says: "cannot play this file"

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Maybe 2.1 only?

I tested it on a cliq (1.5) and got the cannot play, it works however on the nexus one (2.1).