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question from a frustrated newbie

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question from a frustrated newbie

hello all.
here it is.

I downloaded and paid 6 bucks for this thing so I could listen to some of my favorite podcasts straight from me droid.
now, i cannot do anything with it.

all my podcasts come from itunes only links.

when I try to look for these shows from doggcatcher I get an error.

what's going on?

Any ideas?

can i get something from itunes?

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I'll try to help

Please post the names of the podcasts you are trying to set up and I'll see if I can find them. What you are looking for is the RSS url for each of them. The ITunes links aren't standard rss feeds.

You might try searching in DC or look on the website of the podcast publisher for the RSS url and add a feed by 'entering an rss url'.