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Binding the headset

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Dr. Elwin Ransom
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Binding the headset

A problem I have run into with Doggcatcher, as well as with MyPOD before it, is the binding of the headset controls even when there is nothing in the playlist. Even when I have deleted all podcasts (and want to leave DC open to download more), the stock media player doesn't respond to headset controls unless I go in and unbind the headset. This will happen daily for me, as I don't listen to enough podcasts to last me throughout the day. I either must close/open DC or unbind/bind via the settings.

I would like to request a feature that would...

1) only bind the headset when there's something in the playlist queue

2) put a small icon in the playlist area that toggles headset binding, making it more convenient than going into settings and turning off and on every time

I don't ask this as either/or, but as two separate issues. The first one is just logical, and I think the second would be nice to have even when I do have podcasts in queue and want to switch to music for a while.


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Those are both good ideas.

Those are both good ideas. The first item might even end up being the default behavior.

Thanks for the feedback.