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Enhanced AAC -- not minor!

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Dr. Elwin Ransom
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Enhanced AAC -- not minor!

EDIT: I moved this to the general forum because it's not a new feature request, but merely a "ME TOO!"

I appreciate your excellent app very much. I switched from an iPod Touch to my DROID for listening to podcasts, and your app has rounded out my experience such that I don't miss anything from the iTunes/iPod ecosystem...except one notable thing...

I noticed that the mantis issue you have for enhanced AAC feeds has it classified as "minor". I implore you to put it on the "soon" list! I'm surprised you've not been "hit up" for more requests on this since at least one very popular podcast, "The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack", makes very good use of this function.

Chapter skips are wonderful to have for navigation and to skip parts that you may not want to hear or rewind to revisit a particular section. In the LOST podcast I referenced, there are pictures that are screen shots from the show that they discuss, and it's quite bothersome to listen to their analysis without being able to see the pictures!

Surely there are other popular podcasts that utilize chapters and/or embededded pictures.

Thanks for your consideration!

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I agree that this would be a great addition to DC. I took a look at this a while back and found that the android media player doesn't support this capability. I just checked again and there haven't been any new developments.

It would definitely fit better now than before given the new playmode screen...that would be a good place to be changing images while the audio is playing.

If support for this gets added to the media player, it'll move up to soon.

Thanks for the feedback.