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Pixel buds not controlling app

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Pixel buds not controlling app

Recently I have lost functionality with my Pixel buds to pause/play and pause when removed from ear. They still work with music apps. It just seems to be this app. I didn't change any settings and have confirmed that all the correct boxes are checked for ear bud interaction. The only thing I can think of is that after using Android Auto with my rental car last week, I grew tired of it auto-starting when it connected to my car's Bluetooth. I went into Auto's settings and disabled the setting of starting automatically when it connects to my car's Bluetooth. This seemed to also disable my car's fast forward button that had always worked before. I've also since disabled Auto completely, but no difference.
Any suggestions?


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Check the DC app settings (DC

Check the DC app settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lock screen (Bluetooth/Wired) and verify if these features are enabled

"Respond to headset"

"Lock screen buttons"

"Pause audio"
then these features are disabled
"Start application"
Press "Connect screen" should be set to "None"
Press "Play audio" should be set to "Disabled"

Then in the advanced settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings> Advanced) enable the "Experimental Marshmallow Media Player"

Press the back button to DC's home screen

Press (DC Navigation Menu>More>Exit) restart the app and see if the Pixel buds connects & is controlling app again without an issue

If nothing happens, try this option; have your phone forget your Pixel Buds, reset your Pixel Buds

In your phone’s Bluetooth settings>

Forget the Pixel Buds>

Then clear the data from the Pixel Buds app>

Reset your Pixel Buds and go through the setup process again>

Restart your phone>