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Ballpark revenue

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Ballpark revenue

The maker of the "Car Locator" app has come out and said he makes $13,000/mo. That's amazing for such a simple app but he credits a lot of it to being featured in the market.

I'm curious how much DC makes. I'm not asking to criticize the price; on the contrary, DC is a great app worth every penny. I'm curious because it could influence a lot of other developers to switch to the Android platform.

Of course I understand if you're hesitant to share financial information.

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I think a lot of us would

I think a lot of us would like to know that, but I also see why this info would not be made public =]

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This is a good question, I'm surprise the discussion hasn't come up before.

Let me start by saying that I started this because I love writing software and listening to podcasts. I thought Android would be a great platform to put those two together, because the phone is the right place for this to happen.

From the beginning I have had great support from DC users and the beta testers. That's what has kept it enjoyable for the duration. For me it's just a hobby and I'm very fortunate to have a hobby that can generate income rather than being an expense. I still enjoy it just as much as when it started.

I think what makes Android, or any other mobile app market uniquely interesting is that it puts the developer in direct contact with millions of potential customers. The initial capital investment is virtually nothing. All it takes is an idea and your time. If you have a little of both of those, what have you got to lose?

Most of what it takes to calculate revenue for any app is publicly available. DC has between 5K and 10K cumulative users. Without knowing the actual number, the best guess would be in the middle right? From that you can get total sales, then take away Google's cut (30%).

If you find the app you are interested in on, it shows a history of when apps cross the sales boundaries (1-5K, 5-10K, etc). They don't have a history from the beginning of time, but what is there is usually helpful. This will help with an estimate of monthly revenue.

This method could apply to any app, and it might be interesting to apply it to the top 10 or 50 apps in the market to get a good picture of top players.

I can tell you that being featured in the market definitely makes an impact. DC was featured in the market last year. It's still there on the google market website but the website and the market app seem to have diverged. Once DC was featured, I noticed immediately.

Another interesting fact is that sales immediately went 3x the day the droid went on sale and the effect has not worn off. I think I remember another developer mentioning this same thing a couple months back.

So if you have an idea, put something together and release it. Chances are, the market comments will beat you up at first, but if you listen to your users, they will lead you in the right direction. Once they realize that you are listening to them, you might be fortunate enough to get a few star users that will run the distance with you.