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Doggcatcher and "Kermode and Mayo's Take" subscription podcast.

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Doggcatcher and "Kermode and Mayo's Take" subscription podcast.

Hi All, this is a public service announcement. I am a heritage listener who took the plunge so you don't have to.

Since leaving the BBC the Kermode and Mayo Film Review podcast has gone over to Sony Music ( That's OK but since they're all apparently iPhone users with unlimited data plans, 24/7 mobile phone coverage and a desire to stream everything there isn't a lot of support for those of us who like to download their content using a single podcast manager like Doggcatcher on Android. I tried to get an answer out of them regarding private RSS feeds and was just directed back to the website which lists a number of apps many of which require you sign up, some require that you sign up and pay for and others that are so heavily targetted towards fruit based devices that they probably won't work at all for the rest of us. I am not a second class citizen for not wanting to buy into the cult of Apple nor wanting to install another app on my phone to stream just one show. I just expect it to work with my existing app and not have to spend time Googling for links or trying to explain why I want an RSS feed in exchange for money.

At the time of writing I see that Doggcatcher can now find an RSS feed for the main programme and download the free, add supported main programme despite the website saying that they are on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music. I had to look for it initially so just in case it's not there for everyone the link to that RSS feed is here:

And if you wish to subscribe to listen to the show ad-free and get the companion episode (which if the cringe-worthy ad for NordVPN is anything to go by, you will - mission accomplished boys), you can subscribe at the link below. If you do then YES, you do get a private RSS feed that can be used with Doggcatcher. This isn't made clear so I took the plunge for a one month subscription to try it out.

If you find that this works for you and you wanted to take advantage of the (very slightly) cheaper yearly subscription package you can upgrade before the end of the current month but you are immediately charged the difference. The yearly rate does not kick in at the end of your current month which is what I was expecting to happen.

To be fair Sony probably cannot support every platform / app but it wouldn't hurt them to post an RSS feed for the main programme on the website and mention that most podcast applications that support the manual entry of an RSS feed will be compatible on their subscription feed. If someone knows what an RSS feed is they probably don't need hand-holding. We're all adults here.

So, I know what you're thinking - what's the catch ? There's got to be one, right ? Yeah, and if you use Spotify or Google Podcasts it might be a biggie. Strap yourself in...

Once they've got your money you get the RSS feed link (Yay !) but you also get to see this:

"Spotify - You can only link your account once, so please be sure you are logged in with the correct Spotify account."
"Google Podcasts - Please be sure to subscribe with the account you use in the Google Podcasts app".

In other words, if you use a different email address to subscribe to that used on say Google Podcasts, you MIGHT find yourself falling foul of Sony's no refund policy. There - I've warned you what they should have told you before but didn't. I have no idea if clicking on the links to Spotify / Google Podcasts tries to sign you in to those services with the email address you provided when signing up to the podcast or not and I'm not trying it. OK, most people probably have one email address but I have one for each service so I can see who sells on my details or got hacked by the spam I get. Plus by the sound of it you might be stuffed if you ever change your email address within your subscription period which isn't an issue if you stick with the RSS feed like a sensible person. :)

I hope that anyone looking for advice with this particular podcast finds this useful. I had to do a little detective work and risk a little financial outlay to find out for myself so I post this here to assist my fellow ex-wittertainees.

Hello to Jason Isaacs. Is that still a thing ?