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Problem since upgrading to Pixel 6 / Android 12

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Problem since upgrading to Pixel 6 / Android 12

I recently upgraded my Galaxy 8 to a Pixel 6, and ever since doggcatcher has had some weird issues. I am a paid user, if that makes a difference.
Now, randomly the program gets into a weird state that is not resolved unless I restart the phone.
When in this state, hitting play will visually change the button to "pause", but the time won't move at all and nothing plays. Once it gets like this, it happens with every podcast.
If I switch to another audio device, sometimes it will work normally with that device, but switching back to the first one still won't play. I can power cycle the audio device, turn off bt and back on, or close DG from the task list, but it doesn't help. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but that didn't resolve it permanently.

After this happened a few times I was just trying different things to see if I could fix it without rebooting the phone. I discovered that if I change the playback speed to 1.1 while it is stuck in this unplaying state, it will start playing. I can then switch it back to 1.0.
However, I have to do this for every podcast when I start playing it. Once I do it for a specific episode, the issue seems fixed just for that episode. Once it's over, starting a new one (from any subscription) has the same problem.
To fully resolve the issue I have to reboot the phone. It's getting very annoying having to do this all the time.

Has anyone seen any similar issues? Android 12 has caused a few other random issues for one other app that seems unready for it, but otherwise is working great.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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OS Upgrade Issue

See forum FAQ post "Issues with app after upgrading to a latest version of Android"