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Couple of requests and a suggestion

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Couple of requests and a suggestion

First I'd like to say that the application really fills a need for me and I think that you guys have done a great job! Not just with the application itself, but the responsiveness that you've shown in this forum with information and implementation.

My first request is to add an option to download all "New" podcasts only. I thought that this may have been implemented with the most recent update, but once I set the number of episodes to download to 10, the app started to download everything, even after I had set every episode to "Old".

Second (and much less important than the first) is to have the app remember where I left off for each individual podcast episode. There are times that I may pause the middle of a long weekly podcast to listen to a quick daily podcast and then go back.

Finally, my suggestion would be to remove the play/pause/skip controls completely from the list views and create a new panel just for playback. This could be simply a large picture of the album art that doubles as a play/pause button, and skip buttons below. That should allow the skip buttons to be larger than they currently are. Also, it would be nice to configure the amount of seconds that are skipped when these buttons are pressed.

This is by far my most-used app, and I really appreciate all the work that you've put into it, thanks!

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Many thanks....

for the kind words. We're glad you like it.

Now that we have a flag for new/old, it opens the door for a lot of features, including downloading only new episodes, which is probably the way most users would want to configure the app. At this point, the new/old has no influence on what's downloaded, when really it should. We really need to do a better job of keeping the user manual current, so it's not so hard to figure out what the app should be doing.

Episode position - I agree completely.

Media controls - That's an interesting idea. If the button size is the main issue, we may be able to do something similar to what I've seen in other apps where the media controls are hidden, but then appear and float over the screen when you press a certain spot. We could then make them bigger, but still very easy to get to.

Configurable ff/rew seconds - Good idea

I added these requests to the future feature list.

Thanks for the input.