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I just want to listen!

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I just want to listen!

I would be pleased as anything if somebody could plainly detail how I can take any given podcast (from the Feed screen, or whatever you want to call it) and begin listening to each episode, in their order of release.

Running into lots of problems here. Only downloaded the program today, but not getting much loving out of it. Even scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the episode list on the "Feed" screen and tried to play it from there, but it began playing the NEWEST episode instead. There are HUNDREDS of episodes.

Also, tried to auto-download one episode at a time, Oldest First, and it refuses to download anything but the Newest.

Anybody help me out?

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See "Feed Options" post

See "Feed Options" post
The App is designed to download the latest published episodes

See user guide post "Playlists"
You can use the default system playlists or create a user playlist that's limited to a particular category

Manually download all the episodes you want for one or several feed/podcast subscriptions and play them back oldest or newest first

See " Category" post