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SSL for Website and Subscription Groups for App

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SSL for Website and Subscription Groups for App

After the 3rd or 4th attempt to sign into an already existing account or create a new one, I was ready to give up and move on when a note showed up in my email inbox allowing me to sign in and create a password! GREAT! But your website is STILL not protected by SSL so what is the point of the emailed password link? You are missing basic infrastructure and your strategy displays a lack of understanding about how and why security works on the internet.
I know my account email and password that I used to create my Pocket Casts Plus account for downloading podcasts into my Android App and it surprised me that the same email address and password did not permit me to access this Forum on your site - or even to login to the website. It might be helpful if you either corrected this or explained on the site why these accounts should be different (maybe due to your lack of basic security)?
I am frustrated, but only because I pay for Pocket Casts Plus and I think pretty highly of it - it is so much better for me than other Podcast Players I've tried. I so much WANT Pocket Casts to make those small improvements (adding SSL to a website is not difficult nor expensive), that would provide more "confidence" in the product.

Originally I imagined that my paid account would provide me with an online dashboard that would make subscribing, unsubscribing, and grouping podcasts easier. I have several devices and the reason it is WORTHWHILE to pay for this App is:
1. It allows me to sync subscriptions over all my devices.
2. When a hardware malfunction wipes out my account, I can restore it.

I was hoping to be able to create podcast groupings - by topic (nature, science, politics, art, technology) or by usage (long listens, short listens, daily listens, weekly listens). In other words, I hoped I would be able to create grouping categories and put podcasts in them. I have 3 devices. I listen to short podcasts mostly on one of them. It would make it easier for me to access and chose.

Does anybody bother to read this? It is my sincere hope that the above inspires you to make improvements similar to my suggestions. Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2021!