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I have been using DoggCatcher for a while (paid version) on my HTC Hero (European version). However, lately I have used Listen more and more. Doggcatcher is just sooooooo slow. I kill all other processes on the phone, so Doggcatcher can use all the memory, but it still takes probably two minutes from starting the application until I can play something. When I push the play button, it takes another minute or so before I get any sound. Same if I pause the current playing podcast... It takes approximately a minute from I push the pause button, to the sound stops. Then another minute to get it started again.

Yes, I subscribe to about 40 different podcasts, but Google Listen manages the same number of subscriptions fine. Will there be a new version that can handle a larger number of subscriptions, or should I just uninstall DoggCatcher and learn to live with Listens limited options?

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There are a couple things you can do

Most of what takes up the memory is the feed content. So if you have a large number of items per feed, and they have lengthy content, it adds up.

You can send me your feed database in your doggcatcher\export\databases, it's called 'rss'. I can see what the memory footprint is and if there are any particular feeds that are a problem.

Another thing you can do is enable the 'compress items' preference. It should reduce the amount of memory needed. Be sure to do a backup first. I added that preference to troubleshoot a problem with someone else and left it there in case someone else needed it.