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Limit CPU load/threads for refresh

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Limit CPU load/threads for refresh

For as long as I've used DoggCatcher, it has been more than happy to use as much CPU is available on my device when refreshing. If I accidentally kick off a refresh, or if I am using (any of) my (last five) phone(s) during the daily refresh cadence, it basically bricks itself for the duration of that refresh, refusing even button-presses on "Cancel." I follow a lot of podcasts, and a refresh necessarily takes a long time. I occasionally resort to restarting my phone to wrest control of it away from DoggCatcher.

My feature request is for the app to cap the amount of CPU load it can generate from a refresh, so that the phone remains at least somewhat responsive. Use cores-2, limit number of threads, cap max % utilization-- not too pushed as long as there's enough computer left available that I can cancel a refresh or continue to do something else while it refreshes in the background.