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Bluetooth problems

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Bluetooth problems

I have a Samsung S10 and I use Samsung bluetooth ear buds. I have used Doggcatcher for years and never had an issue until now. The audio when listening to podcasts cuts in and out and sometime pauses without me doing anything. I do not experience this issue with any other app on my phone, just Doggcatcher. It becomes unbearable at times and I have to pause the podcast for a few minutes and then start it again and all is good for about 20 minutes then it starts doing it again. What can I do to fix this?

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Try deleting the pairing from

Try deleting the pairing from your headset Bluetooth device and your mobile device, then re-pair again & then rebooting your phone

Also see the "Audio playback problems" post under "Playback Issues" and switch to Google’s Android experimental media player for 6.0+/7.0+/8.0 and up devices