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Autoplay - on / Autoplay - off

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Autoplay - on / Autoplay - off

After three years I still sometimes get confused about this ambiguous feature:
Is "Autoplay - on" an available option or the present configuration?
"Autoplay - on" / "Autoplay - off" could be improved to:
"Turn autoplay on" / "Turn autoplay off" to clarify things 100%

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The "Auto-Play" feature is turned on by default when the app is initially installed on your device, this is to enable continuous playback when you're using the default system playlists or user created playlists.

You can disable the feature either from the app's settings (DC Navigation Menu> Settings>Audio Player) uncheck "Auto play"

The media control bar “Media buttons" Press the context menu icon “Hamburger Right of the Buttons” Press "Autoplay" to turn the feature on or off

The “Car Mode or Now Playing” screen (press on the feed/podcast thumbnail icon bottom left of the media control bar) once the "Car Mode" feature is enabled
Press on the A icon to turn on or off "Auto-Play" if it has a line across the icon, then it's off

Verify if the "Pause audio" setting is enabled (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen) & (Audio Player>Pause audio on power removal)
This will prevent the app from continuously playing media files when the headset or power source is disconnected