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Rush 24/7 Podcast Media File Download Failure

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Rush 24/7 Podcast Media File Download Failure


I've been using Doggcatcher for many years, but just lately some of the media files for the Rush Limbaugh podcast fail to download. Specifically, the "Morning Update" media files download fine; however, the main show episodes do not.

Note that I have entered my UID and PW for this feed in the settings for this feed. This feed has worked fine for me for many years. I'm running Doggcatcher 1.2.4154 on a Samsung 10e, Android 9.

The event log shows:
Event: Download failure - Rush 24/7 Podocast - Wed, Jan 29 2020 - Hour 1
Detail: com.dogcatcher.apache.fourdotfive.http.client.ClientProtocolException

Looking at the RSS feed (, it seems that the URL's for the "Morning Update" and the show episodes differ in that the show episodes have a bunch of spaces in the URL's. Might this be causing the problem?

Testing this feed from a browser, it seems that the RSS feed is password protected, but the media files are not. I would post sample URL's; however, it appears that the media file URL's are unique to my account.

I've tested the feed against the W3C feed validator. It throws a few inconsequential errors, but nothing that seems to point to a problem with the media file URL's.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I'm seeing the same thing.

I tried a couple of other podcast apps and they seem to be working with that feed.

I'm also seeing the same failure with DC when using alternate feeds like: (interestingly, this feed does not seem to require authentication for the podcast downloads). This is the feed used in the Google Podcast app directory and I confirmed that I can download the daily podcast without any login requirement.

Maybe the other apps are more forgiving of malformed RSS feeds and something changed recently that caused DC for fail.

DC is still the best app out there for podcasts in my opinion, so I'd love to see this fixed.


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Is Working Now

The feed seems to be working fine today. I've looked at the feed XML, but I cannot see what is different from what I saw yesterday. Regrettably, I didn't archive the feed I was looking at yesterday, so I can't run a diff; however, I can say that spaces in the URL's are not causing a problem. I was able to use my browser history to dredge up some sample URL's from yesterday's feed. Again, I cannot see much difference.

As it's working for me at the moment, I consider this closed. If it happens again, I'll archive a copy of the feed XML.