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Resume/skip unable to restart at the correct time on some podcasts

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Resume/skip unable to restart at the correct time on some podcasts

I upgraded from a Nexus 6P to a One Plus 7, and after changing phones I now have 1 podcast that cannot be resumed properly. If I start the podcast and listen all the way through, its fine. I can pause and play it, but if it ever looses its place (app is closed) it cannot go back to the previous spot. And I can skip all the way to the end of the hour long podcast, but it only skips to a few minutes in to the actual audio. I assume this is some sort of an issue with how it deals with the timestamps in the audio. I also assume it has something to do with the default player on my phone, since it happened when I changed phones, and when I use the default file manager that came with the Oxygen Android OS it has the same problem, as well as the google play music app. I can, however, play it through a third party file manager that apparently uses its own player, and it works fine.

I didn't find anything about this on the forums, but are there any suggestions for how to resolve this? The podcast is

I'd love to get this resolved, Thanks!

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Audio playback problems

See the "Audio playback problems" post under "Playback Issues" and switch to Google’s Android experimental media player for 6.0+/7.0+/8.0 and up devices.