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Remember the current screen when app loses focus

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Remember the current screen when app loses focus

I find that when I switch away from DC to do something else and then return to it, the current screen changes back to the regular start screen that lists my subscriptions. I'd prefer for it to remain on the screen I had up when I switched away. This happens when I reopen the app using a desktop shortcut, the app menu, or the task switcher (long press home). My normal use case is to simply use the playlist screen to sort by date and then I pick from the older items to listen to something I am in the mood for. I'd like the playlist screen to remain when I reopen the app window. The podcast continues to play in the BG while I multitask so I know DC is still running. This is a minor issue, but one that makes it a little harder to use the app while I drive to pick another track. I know I can use the autoplay feature, but don't want to as I don't always want to play the next item. I guess if we could manually sort the playlist that could work for me.


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I plan on doing this, it has always bothered me that this is missing. But it's probably going to happen in two steps. First I'm going to add some bread crumbs up in the title bar to show you where you are in terms of screen navigation...

Home > Playlist > Playmode
Home > TWIT

Once I get that working right, I add the ability to jump directly to the screen you were on before you left DC.

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.