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Unable to download and play podcasts and vodcasts

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Unable to download and play podcasts and vodcasts

Hi, I purchased DC form the android market today. I must say I like the UI more then BeyondPod and it is faster as well
However I am not able to download or listen to podcasts or vodcasts.


It shows:

Ready / Size Unknown / mp3&ns_webdir=dezeweek&ns_channel=nieuws_informatie&po_source=audio
When I click on the podcast it opens a dialog to choose an application with title "This is not supported audio or video"

For both:

It shows:

Ready 1kb / m4v
But when I click on the podcast it shows an message: "Sorry, this video cannot be played".

All podcasts / vodcasts work well in BeyondPod but I would rather continue using the DC applications.
Please let me know if you need the log file and I can send it to you by email.
Could you please help?

Last seen: 2 years 10 months ago
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Deze week - what the publisher is putting in the feed for the media files is a little crazy, DC is bombing out trying to figure out what the extension of the file is. What you are seeing is what DC is interpreting as the extension. There isn't any way to configure DC to parse that feed at the moment, but I might be able to do something down the road.

Other two - the problem here is that the link to the media aren't directly to the media. They are redirects to the media on another server. I'll see what I can do to try to get these working.