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Doggcatcher keeps getting focus

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Last seen: 6 days 10 hours ago
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Doggcatcher keeps getting focus

When I am using my phone Dogcatcher will take focus after a short period of time (30 seconds to a minute). This happens continuously and is annoying. How do I stop this behaviour?

Last seen: 6 days 5 hours ago
Joined: 02/23/2011 - 22:28
Usually it's the other way

Usually it's the other way around, the app loses focus from other apps requesting audio focus. The app (DC) is probably receiving a play/pause event that is triggering the playback. This usually happens with some Bluetooth or wired headsets that are faulty or the device headset jack is faulty.

Change or verify the app’s settings (Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen "Bluetooth/Wired")

"Start Application" Disable

"Play Audio" to "Disabled"

"Connect Screen" to "None"

“Pause Audio” is Enabled

Also try deleting the pairing from your vehicle/headset BT device and your mobile device, then re-pair again & rebooting your device - Re: