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Player stops playing

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Player stops playing

I sent an email last week to the support address and I have not received a reply so I will try here.

Using a Pixel3.

I've been using Doggcatcher for years and I really have enjoyed it until recently.

Ever since I moved from Android P to Android 10, Doggcatcher's playing has become very unreliable. It usually works OK for the first 1/2 hour, and then it begins to stop randomly. I have to open the app to get it to start playing again. And then it is about 5-10 seconds behind where it was playing at before. These stoppages happen anywhere from 10 seconds after hitting play to longer.

I've tried the setting of Advanced --> Keep Alive --> Always and that only makes it slow down the rest of the phone with no improvement on play.

Any help would be great


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See forum FAQ post "Issues

See forum FAQ post "Issues with app after upgrading to a new version of Android"

Regarding not receiving a reply to your email, you have to respond to the automated response email to escalate your ticket