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Recent huge data usage increase

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Recent huge data usage increase

I've been using DC for years with no problems. I have a 20gb data plan that I never use completely, DC accounts for 2-3gb per month.

This month it's over 13gb, I've checked my feeds and the currently downloaded files are sizes I'd expect (25-100mb). No changes were made to the sync or download settings so it's completely unexpected.

I've noticed my phone has been very sluggish during this time and I'm wondering if the two problems are linked.

Is there any way to narrow down the cause or a known fix? Search didn't help my issue.

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.4155
Device: Sony Xperia XA
Android Build: version 7
Carrier: Telstra (Australia)
Manufacturer: Sony
Brand: Sony
Device: F3115
Model: F3115
Hardware: mt6755
Display: 33.3.A.1.126
Product: F3115
ID: 33.3.A.1.126
Version incremental: 197864961
Version codename: REL
Version release: 7.0
Version SDK: 24
DoggCatcher version: 1.2.4154
Cloud key:


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The app wouldn't use 13 GB of

The app wouldn't use 13 GB of data if no settings or feed subscription changes were made, check the "Event Log" if any of your feeds have any issue right after a scheduled feed update has been completed (DC Navigation Menu>More>Event Log)

Regarding your device running very slowly or sluggish...that could be the problem, storage capacity on your device could be at it's limit, and you could also be experiencing low system memory..particularly for devices with internal storage at 16 GB & 2 GB memory

Delete any apps you're no longer using... to about 12 of 16 GB.