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Unable to permit access to Micro SD Card "Read only" but this app has full storage permissions

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Unable to permit access to Micro SD Card "Read only" but this app has full storage permissions

Have a Galaxy S9 phone. with 64GB internal storage and a 238GB micro SD card inserted into the phone.
I want all my DoggCatcher files to be located on the micro SD card.
Have granted full storage access to the app.
When I go to DoggCatcher storage directory setting and select the desired micro SD card sub directory and hit ok the app says the micro SD card directory is read only.
All other phone apps have full access to the micro SD card which is working just fine.
I can see the micro SD card directories under DoggCatcher storage directory browse feature and point the files to the correct directory.
But it does not work as it thinks it does not have the correct access rights to the mirco SD. "Your currently selected directory is: Read only."

Under about Doggcatcher it shows the Mico SD card there and correctly reports the free space on the micro SD card.
Doggcatcher seems to treat the internal phone storage as the SD card.
I have reset Doggcatcher, rebooted the phone, deleted everything and unistalled Doggcatcher and reinstalled.
I do not need to remount the mirco SD card as it is already working without any issues.

How do I get Doggcatcher to reconize that it already has full access to the Mirco SD card so I can store my files there?
Your help please

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Micro SD Card Permissions

See forum FAQ post for more information "Why am I experiencing external storage (SD Cards) problems after my device has been upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0)?" - - This issue also applies to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat & 8.0 Oreo and up.

Also check forum FAQ post "Issues with app after upgrading to a new version of Android"