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Stuck on updates

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Gilberto A. Rivera
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Stuck on updates

Android 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When updating podcasts, DC shows busy but when looking at the download queue, there are now downloads going on.

When it does finishing updating, it takes a very long time whereas this never happened before.

If I close the app, the busy update notification, remains in my notification area, even after pressing "clear".

Additionally, after the app has been closed and re opened several minutes later, it won't launch when I attempt to re open it.
It will start on a blank screen, I then close the app and re tap the icon to bring it back to normal.

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Joined: 02/23/2011 - 22:28
Try uninstalling & restalling

Try uninstalling & restalling the app

Backup the app first (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export) uninstall & install the app again
Restore the app's settings & configurations, the reinstall should resolve the problem.