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Feed not recognizing video/audio files

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Feed not recognizing video/audio files

I added a feed via RSS. The app shows the video files in the feed and I can tap to play them. But, the items are not being considered as video file so the notification controls don't start and can't be added to playlists. Anyway to correct this? Thanks!

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What is the RSS URL of the

What is the RSS URL of the feed/podcast?

Also if DC isn't playing back video files...the issue could be the simuler this problem "TED Talks Daily - Playback Issue (Audio as Video)" - media URL is listed as a type="video/mp4" and should be listed as type="Audio/mp3"

In your case the media file isn't listed as video file type="video/mp4" or an unsupported media format the app can't playback.

If this is the problem, you would have to contact the publisher of the feed.