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Issues with app after upgrading to a new version of Android

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After upgrading to a new version of Android, particularly Pie…..some users of the app are experiencing issues with the app’s Notification, Widget & Lockscreen Notification players

Check your device settings

Settings>Apps>All Apps>DoggCatcher>App Notifications - Enable DC On > Allow icon Badge >Allow sound
Then check if the "On the lock screen" setting may have to change to "Show all notification content" from "Hide sensitive notification content" or "Don't Show notification at all"

Change back "Keep Alive" in the app's settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Advance) to "While in foreground or busy in background"

also verify if enabled (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/lockscreen) "Respond to Headset" - "Lock screen buttons" & "Pause audio"

If the above settings are enabled> turned off all the options and turned them back on again

Re" forum response to Philomorph "Galaxy S8 update to Pie - Doggcatcher stops playing after screen locks"
and Philomorph's response

"Also if you experience playback issues with the app’s player itself on your new device or upgraded OS, please see the "Audio playback problems" post under "Playback Issues" and switch to Google’s Android experimental media player for 6.0+/7.0+/8.0 and up devices"

Some users are also experiencing the app being killed by Android while running in the background

Check your device battery settings & see if the "Power Saver" mode is enabled>

If it is..Android will kill apps running in the background to keep the battery at an optimum level>

You have 2 options...disable "Power Safer Mode"

or enable "Download -on Power" in the app's settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Limit feed updates and downloads)

You will also have to change the "Update start time" to a specific time you will have the device connected to a power source.>

If all the above solutions fail…..back up the app (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup /Restore /Export) then uninstalling and reinstalling the app

Regarding “Bluetooth” Issues - Please try deleting the pairing from your vehicle/headset BT device and your mobile device, then re-pair again & rebooting your device.

“SD card” Issue - Please see forum FAQ post for more information "Why am I experiencing external storage (SD Cards) problems after my device has been upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0)?" - - This issue also applies to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat & 8.0 Oreo and up