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Kaiju Conversation
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I think this is where I am to send for help but just recently our host left our podcast and when he did he deleted our hosting website so I had to go around and create a new one how can I change the RSS feed we have in there right now to the new one is that something you guys could do or is there something else?

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Unfortunately we can't help

Unfortunately we can't help you here ......the app depends on publishers of feeds/podcast servers & feed RSS URL's to point the app to those servers in order access & download media files.

Checkout Feedburner - - I imagine you can create a new RSS URL and point it to your hosting website

If feedburner doesn't work...then I would suggest Soundcloud - or Anchor - they offer different services from creating a hosting podcasts and distribution of your feeds.....from only using their apps or to all podcast managers including DC

Also here are few articles on creating your own podcasts

Anchor - The best way to make your podcast

Starting Your Podcast: A Guide For Students : NPR

How to Start Your Own Podcast - Lifehacker

Good luck, wish I could do more to help.