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Autoplay on specific bluetooth devices only?

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Autoplay on specific bluetooth devices only?

I wonder if it would be possible to add a feature that the audio only starts auto playing when connected to specific bluetooth devices. I don't know if Device ID's are accessible to the app in some way or something. I love having podcasts auto start playing when I get in my car, it's fantastic. Recently I got some bluetooth headphones and the auto-play is less ideal with them. It would be great if I could have it auto start with only my car and not with my headphones.


Edit: It's been a few years since I bought this app and it's one of the only ones on Android that I've continued to use almost daily the entire time. Point is, I feel like I've more than got my money's worth at this point. Is there some way I can donate or something? I feel like I'm cheating you with how little I've paid compared to how much I've used it. Much love!

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I'd like that too.

I'd like that too.

Currently DoggCatcher connects to my car and plays through my podcasts without bluetooth selected on the car. So many podcasts are lost if I don't notice and stop the playing. Even worse, when I turn off the car somehow DoggCatcher keeps playing despite having no Bluetooth connections.

If only I could autoplay only to wireless speakers and prevent going to the car.

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You can disable the BT

You can disable the BT connection feature in the app's settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen "bluetooth/wired")

Press "Play Audio" select "Disabled"
Press "Connect Screen" select "None"

The app will not connect while not in use, but if it's the last app used with BT headset or vehicle head unit. it will connect