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Tile tracker causing auto play issues

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Darth Pugz
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Tile tracker causing auto play issues

I recently got a couple of Bluetooth tracker tags. One is a Tile and the other is called a Seek. Since then I've been having issues with Doggcatcher automatically playing audio at wrong times. For example if I'm connected to my car or Bluetooth headset, and playing music with Google Play Music or Tune In Radio, Doggcatcher will stop the audio from those apps and start playing a podcast every minute or two. The event logs in Doggcatcher shows "Headset Event - CONNECT - Tile" or "Headset Event - CONNECT - Seek" when this occurs, seemingly showing the Bluetooth tags being detected as headsets. I've traced the issue to the fact that I have the setting to "Play audio when Headset is connected" enabled. If I disable that setting the issue goes away. This only happens when a Bluetooth audio device is already connected.

It appears that when the Bluetooth tags connect to my phone Doggcatcher is detecting it as a headset and taking audio focus.

I am using a Moto X4 running Android 9. Note that my phone was updated to 9 this week and this issue existed with 8.1 as well.