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Auto delete media files doesn't work

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Auto delete media files doesn't work

For one year the auto delete policy feature has stopped working.

I have the premium version of doggcatcher and this feature has always worked in android Marshmallow, but in Android Nougat and Oreo versions the auto delete feature does not work anymore.

Please, I need support for this problem because it is an application I use every day and this is causing me a big problem.

Thank you.

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Verify if the "Auto Delete

Verify if the "Auto Delete Policy" is set to "Episodes that are done" (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Global Feed Options) If set to "None" - files won't be automatically downloaded or deleted if you manually update feeds. (See User Guide post "Configuring media file auto delete" you also have to manually delete media files "Manually Delete an Individual Podcast Episode" -

Also check out these posted articles "When episodes are completed" - -Re: Auto delete done episodes. - and "Podcasts not deleting" -