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Subject: Adding Podcast/Feeds to DoggCatcher Database

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Subject: Adding Podcast/Feeds to DoggCatcher Database

It is no longer possible to add podcast/feeds to the app’s (DoggCatcher) searchable database through us or using the app’s settings

Re: FAQ post Podcast Submission Request to DC Database and

“add our Podcast”

"New Podcast Submission Request"

"How do I get my podcast to show up in search?""

We use a company that automatically adds all current & new podcast/feeds to the app’s database.

If for some reason a new podcast/feed hasn’t been added to the app’s database and until the podcast/feed is eventually added to the database....podcast publishers can reply to this post to promote your feed with the name & URL and a description about the podcast that user’s of the app can manually subscribe to it.

This article will be posted to the “General Discussion” & “Support” sections of the forum.

Subscribe to the feed/podcast manually

(DC Navigation Menu> Subscribe>Advanced “Press the Hamburger Icon Top left of the Main Screen”)

Swipe left to the ‘Advanced’ tab

Press Feed RSS URL and enter the feed URL “Copy & Paste” -

Press "OK"

Since version 1.2.4143 the app supports one click subscribe via Re:
0002098: Support for one click subscribe via

If the publisher supports “One Click Subscribe”

On your device ..using a browser of your choice,

Navigate to the publisher’s website and press/click one the RSS Button or URL

A dialog box will open..choose the app (DoggCatcher)

If not supported: Copy on the RSS URL

Navigate to….enter or paste the RSS URL in the field

Press “Subscribe on Android” Button

A dialog box will open..choose the app (DoggCatcher) “Just Once” or “Always”
The feed will be added to the app’s “Feeds” tab