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Why new episodes are not being downloaded?

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New episodes may not download because the "Auto-Download" setting is set to..."example 3 or 5" and there are already 3 or 5 (New "Blue" or in-progress "Green" or "Orange") episodes downloaded.

To resolve:

1. Delete/flag as done episodes flagged "Grey" or complete listening/watching the particular episodes so they can be flagged as done by the app and deleted on the next scheduled feed update'

2. Increase the "Auto-Download" setting to a higher number (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Global Feed Options)

Check if the “Auto-Delete Policy” setting is set to "Done"

1. If set to “None” media files will not be automatically downloaded during scheduled feed updates......Change back to “Done Episodes’

(DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Global Feed Options) with this setting media flagged as Done will be deleted during scheduled feed updates.

(See User Guide Post: Configuring media file auto delete - for information on other auto delete settings

(See FAQ post "Feed updates or media downloads failing?" If you experience other download fail issues