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Android 7 with internal SD card, how to manually restore podcasts

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Android 7 with internal SD card, how to manually restore podcasts

I have a Moto G5 Plus running Android 7. The 128 GB SD card, which was set up as Internal storage, started failing, but I was able to backup its contents to a Windows folder. One of the folders in this backup was Doggcatcher, at the root level; all my podcasts (several hundred files, 7 GB) were there, in numbered folders under the EpisodeEnclosures folder.
After replacing the SD card with another 128 GB card, making it Internal storage in Android, and starting Doggcatcher, there is no Doggcatcher folder on the SD card. So Doggcatcher has started downloading (from the original sources, over my 5 Mb/s link) all 7 GB of podcasts, onto the phone's factory-installed internal memory, all 7 GB of files. In the Doggcatcher menu tree, I cannot find an option that will let me manually restore the podcasts from my PC.
Doggcatcher's forum does not give any information on how to direct its podcast library to an SD card configured in Android 7 as Internal. All instructions I can find only cover older versions of Android and SD cards set up as External storage.
At this point, although I have found Doggcatcher an excellent product in every other way, this storage problem is becoming a deal-breaker. Does anyone have instructions on how to direct Doggcatcher to set up a podcast collection on an SD card formatted as Internal storage in Android 7?

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Android 7 with internal SD card

Android now requires user’s permission to access (Read/Write) to the external storage Android Data limited directory only

See FAQ post "Why am I experiencing external storage (SD Cards) problems after my device has been upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0)?" - - This info also applies to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat & 8.0 Oreo

And Backup/Restore if the app wasn’t backed up first, before moving the DC directory to a Windows folder, the app won’t recognize those media files once you’ve returned them to the external Android Data limited directory.

Once you’ve given permission to the app and set DC to store media files to the external Android Data limited directory...
move/copy the EpisodeEnclosures folder to example (/storage/6562-463/Android/Data/

Then from the restore if you did a DC backup, if not..the next option is to create a virtual feed for those orphaned files (See Virtual feeds