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Re-downloading the App

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Re-downloading the App

I paid for the app and have been happily using it for years. I originally downloaded it on the Amazon app store for some reason. I just uninstalled it and need to reinstall but it's asking me to pay again. Ideally, I'd download on Google Play now so that it is compatible with Android Auto, but even Amazon App store is trying to charge me. How can I download Doggcatcher again without paying twice, on Google Play ? Thanks, Amir.

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Amazon DC

If you check DC's Amazon's product page near the top of the page there will be a "Instant Order Update " listing your name & date of purchase
and a "View this order" URL link to view your invoice - Also all your Amazon app purchases is located here at this URL

If the app isn't listed contact Amazon support and let them know the problem your experiencing - maybe you have more than one Amazon account - if you locate your proof of purchase contact DC at support (AT) doggcatcher (dot) com regarding Android Auto