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Podcast episodes incorrectly flagged as 'Done'

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Podcast episodes incorrectly flagged as 'Done'

- I add a new podcast through the search feature
- I go back to my dashboard and click on the podcast in my feed
- Only 1 episode shows up.
- In the menu, i select Flag All as New. Then all the episodes appear.

Requested fix options:
- don't hide 'done' episodes..ever. I don't like this feature. Or have a global "[]Don't hide completed episodes" boolean setting.
- improve the 'done' feature so new podcasts/episodes don't incorrectly get flagged.


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Hide Done Episodes

By default the hide done episodes is not enabled when the app is initially installed....also when subscribing to a new feed/podcasts, the app will update & download latest currently published will have to manually download previously published episodes.. by enabling "Flag All New" & refreshing the feed or pressing on individual episodes.

Sometime may have accidentally pressed the "hide done episodes" setting (2nd Icon Top right of the episode screen) of any feed/podcast on the feeds tab.

The "Hide episodes that are done" feature can also be enabled & disabled from DC's "User Interface" preferences (DC Navigation Menu>Settings)