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Scrub accidents are frequent

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Scrub accidents are frequent

I love Doggcatcher, but I continue to stumble on the problem of accidentally scrubbing when trying to hit the shih-ka-bob menu on the entry at the bottom of the page, or sometimes it happens when I am trying to use the controls below the scrub bar. I don't have a ready suggestion for a way to improve this. Just wanted to ask that some alternatives be considered that could help avoid the problem.

Thanks for making such a great tool!

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3-dot button

The size & area of 3-dot button was increased because several people complained it was difficult to access can use the car-mode or now playing screen to access the menu features of the media control bar.

Press press the feed thumbnail on bottom left of the screen on the media control bar, this will enable the “Car Mode” feature

you can access "Variable speed", "Sleep timer", "Show Notes " and Autoplay" settings on the top of the screen

Press the "X" icon top right of the screen to exit car mode .