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Feed-based Auto Play OR Single Play Outside of Auto Play

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Feed-based Auto Play OR Single Play Outside of Auto Play

A big thank you to the developer and all they've done. I came back to Doggcatcher after its UI upgrade (I'd needed something easier to use in the car, so that there were fewer hazards; this was a safety issue for me). I am loving the new features and exploring what I can do.

It would be nice to be able to toggle Auto Play on or off automatically based on Feed or maybe Bluetooth device. Or instead, maybe a One-off play option. Maybe this exists? Maybe I'm overlooking something? If so, please let me know.

* Insomnia. I have podcasts I use to fall asleep. If a second, different style podcast plays (after the first one worked), it would wake me up. However, during the day, I use Doggcatcher constantly and use Auto Play across devices.
* Setting limits. "Just one more chapter!"
* Guests and family. "We'll play just the one episode, then do something else."

Thank you for reading, and the hard work you've put into this.

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You can toggle the “Autoplay” feature on or off from the “Car Mode” or “Now Playing” screen, on the top right of the screen is 6 icons, first is “X” to exit the screen, 2nd “Next Up in the Playlist” 3rd “Variable Speed”, 4th “Sleep Timer”, 5th “Show Notes”, 6th “Autoplay”. Press on feed thumbnail on bottom left of the app’s screen on the media control bar, this will enable the “Car Mode” or “Now Playing” screen.